The Foundation

Actia Nicopolis Foundation, is a non-profit organisation, based in Preveza, Epirus, Greece.

It was founded in 1997.

Its area of interest is the region of Preveza, ancient Nicopolis and the Amvrakikos Bay, in northwestern Greece.

Its main goals are:

  1. The collection, research and analysis of data relevant to the area of Preveza and ancient Nicopolis.
  2. The creation of a specialized library concerning the history, culture and society of Preveza and the nearby region.
  3. Archiving and organising the rare prints and maps in its collections, concerning the region of Preveza and obtaining more relevant material.
  4. Organising special conferences, symposia, seminars and lectures of interest to the region of Preveza.
  5. The publication of books and albums concerning the region of interest.
  6. Giving grants to researchers who would study the history and culture of the region of interest.