Preveza’s Carnet de Voyage

Actia Nicopolis Foundation, Preveza, Greece becomes a part of Google Arts & Culture, the digital platform by Google to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online, with a digital collection of 122 artworks.

The digital collection

This launch brings online 122 artworks, drawn by acclaimed artist Pavlos Habidis (b. 1956), which were used by Actia Nicopolis Foundation for the creation of Preveza’s Carnet de Voyage. The Carnet de Voyage of Preveza features four (4) curated walking tours, with drawings and descriptive text, through landmarks and popular local spots, with a point of reference in history, tradition and community. An extended seafront, castles, ancient ruins, historical buildings, sailing and fishing boats, and the surrounding vivid nature, are parts of this colourful puzzle.

The Online Exhibit

Four stories will introduce the town of Preveza to its potential visitors and also deepen the knowledge of its residents, by identifying and experiencing what lies around them. Thus, both will appreciate, respect, and eventually engage with the place, its culture and origins.

Visit the online stories, in the form of four (4) walks in and around the city of Preveza, and wander through the coloured sketches to this picturesque northwestern part of Greece.

The four stories are:

City centre

This story will take you through Preveza’s city centre, and parts of the town that identify it, and mark its history. From the seafront, to emblematic buildings and picturesque alleys. Notice the details of architecture and tradition, local stores and delicacies. Meet under the Venetian clock tower, and stroll in Seitan bazar.

Paliosaraga – “Côte d’ azur” – Pantokrator

This story will take you to Preveza’ s southern suburbs. Enjoy a ride on a bicycle. Pass by the Seaman’s monument at the southernmost end of Preveza’ s peninsula. Stop at Paliosaraga and then at the thermal baths, initially built in the 1810’s. And move on under the shadow of the old eucalyptus trees, to the “Côte d’ azur”, the city beach, only a ten minute walk from the city. Further ahead, you will reach the Straits of Preveza, the castles of St. George and Pantokrator.

Vrysoula – Margarona – St. Thomas

This story will take you to Preveza’s north and northeastern suburbs. The small peninsula of St. Thomas stretches opposite the seafront. Notice part of the defensive works at the seaside bastion of Vrysoula, built around 1808, to protect the town from seaborn attacks. Sail away in the Vathy lagoon and boatyard, created as a naval shipyard in the late 15th century by the Ottomans, serving now as a wintering and repair yard. And finally, reach the cape of Actium which gave its name to the infamous sea-battle of 31 BC.

Ancient Nicopolis – Archaeological Museum

This story will take you back to the history of Preveza through the archaeological site of ancient Nicopolis and its Archaeological Museum. Walk around the Byzantine walls and the ancient city of Nicopolis, built by Octavian Caesar, after his victory upon Marc Anthony and Cleopatra of Egypt, in the sea-battle of Actium. Sit on the steps of the Roman Odeum, built during the Augustan era, and enjoy a theatrical or musical performance. See the sculptures displayed at the new archaeological museum, built in 2000.

The collection

“In our era, we risk missing what lies around and near to us; parts of the town that identify it, nooks and corners that mark its history. Worse, still, we risk losing our respect for the landscape and the sensation it brings forth when living in it in harmony”.

Walking in Preveza through the sketches of Pavlos Habidis is a collection of 122 sketches in ink and watercolour, which were drawn by the artist in 2009-2010. His artworks were used by the Actia Nicopolis Foundation to create an artistic Carnet de Voyage for the city of Preveza, which was published in 2011. The Carnet de Voyage could be used as a guide in Preveza’s centre and its surrounding suburbs, as well as in the archaeological site of ancient Nicopolis, a city built by Octavian Caesar to celebrate his victory upon Marc Anthony and Cleopatra of Egypt. 

About Actia Nicopolis Foundation

Actia Nicopolis Foundation is a non-profit organisation, based in Preveza, Epirus, Greece. It was founded in 1997, and its area of interest is the region of Preveza, ancient Nicopolis and the Amvrakikos Bay, in northwestern Greece. Its main goals are 1) the collection, research and analysis, 2) the creation of a specialised library concerning the history, culture and society, 3) archiving and organising the rare prints and maps in its collections, 4) organising special conferences, symposia, seminars and lectures, 5) the publication of relevant books and albums, and 6. giving grants for the research of the history and culture of the region.

You’ll be able to find Preveza’s Carnet de Voyage online via the Google Arts & Culture platform and via the app, which is free and available online for iOS and Android.

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